MP Global LED Outdoor Lighting 


Main components

LED Lamp – High quality LED Lamp from LED supplier from Taiwan.

Lighting case – Modern design for each application uses. Good for heat resistant.

Power supply – High quality with world standard from best power supply supplier. Each power supply suit for each model with most appropriated parameters.



When it comes to the great outdoors, few light sources are forging ahead like LED is. Its uses are already numerous, whether we’re talking security or working lights, garden patio lights, lighting spikes, wall washers, porch lights, pond lights, feature lights or solar-powered lights.


The power of light

Use of LED is particularly prevalent in the latter, solar lights, because it requires so little power. A day’s worth of everyday lighting will be absorbed by the solar panel, which then charges the light’s battery, which keeps your outdoor space illuminated all night.


Stay secure

Security lighting, previously the domain of powerful halogen lamps, is increasingly the resting place of more energy-efficient lighting solutions. You can buy energy-saving CFL security lights for relatively little money, or you can go the whole hog with LED and save 50% even over fluorescent! With LED using no toxic mercury, producing less in the way of CO² emissions, and lasting longer than any other technology, it’s an all-round superior choice that’ll keep you safe and save money on running and maintenance costs.


Feature lighting

The garden is a popular place for LED lighting, and browsing through Lyco’s stock you’ll encounter a variety of feature-lighting products. These might be anything from LED wall-washers - often coloured for mood -to LED rope lights for incredible creative potential. The flexibility of LED is one of its most exciting aspects, and the idea of a garden that might actually be welcoming is a relatively new idea. For our recent ancestors the night-time garden was a foreboding place full of amphibians and arachnids! Actually for some that still may be the case, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Plug and play

LED lighting often features in low voltage garden lighting sets, which have the distinct advantage of posing no threat to life, which in turn means you don’t have to dig deep holes in your garden to bury the cable. These low voltage LED sets, which would often include the necessary LED driver, allow plenty of flexibility with regard to positioning of the lights. As well, you can often add lights to the base kit with plug and play ease.


Walkover lights

As we’ve alluded to already, gardens have increasingly become a nocturnal resting place for us, when UK weather permits, so any lights that make the garden safe to navigate are a bonus. Walkover lights are ideal for patios, duckboards and decking, and here again LED is a great choice because it is a technology that can squeeze into small spaces, that’s super-cheap to run, and which is robust because of its solid-state construction. Never was a technology more fit for purpose!


IP ratings

As with all outdoor lighting, particular attention should be paid to the IP ratings. Of course all of our outdoor lights offer weather-proofing, but some can also be jet-cleaned, and others can even be submerged to provide attractive accent lighting for your water features. An IP rating is a two figure number, and the second figure refers to its imperviousness to liquid. An IP43 or IP44 rated light you can safely assume will withstand sprays of rain - that phenomenon that occurs in British summertime - while an IP65 rating can normally withstand jets of water. By the time you get to IP67 the light might be submersible, although you should always double-check this with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

To summarise, as you’ll have seen there are plenty of roles for LED to play in any outdoor space, whether you’re a householder or business owner, or both. The initial investment in LED is one you’re unlikely to regret, not least because of the huge saving it brings in running and maintenance costs. Invest in an evolving technology and all the exciting, creative opportunities it enables