SOLAR home system


M Power Solar by MP Global

MP Global presents "M Power" Solar Home System (SHS) which provides independent power for Off-grid homes and communities by creating direct access to nature's most abundant energy resource. 

The small-scale power system, suitable for any climate or terrain, is easy to install and provides long-term, reliable power performance. The all-inclusive installation kit features efficient and durable crystalline silicon solar modules, encapsulated, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, hassle-free wiring, and an electrical control box that can be mounted easily, as well as a complete installation guide that empowers end users to take charge of their future energy.




·     Long-term, sustainable power

·     Reliable, maintenance-free performance

·     Easy and quick installation

·     Simple control interface

·     Complete, all-inclusive power system

·     Safe 12 Volt circuit, no risk for electric Shock


We can design a system that exactly suit for everything you need. System sizing will depend on your load requirements. 

Otherwise you can simply choose from our Solar Home System Models.